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Egyptian cotton 540 thread count Hotel Suite Bedlinen by


About our Egyptian Cotton
Egyptian cotton is widely regarded as the best form of Cotton fibre in the World. When woven into high quality bedding it is unmatched in its feel, its softness and its handle.
Originating from the very soil of Egypt, in the rich and humid conditions of the Nile River Valley this form of cotton has the ability to grow long cotton (or staple) fibres, thus its classifcation in the commodity market as an ELS or ‘Extra Long staple’ cotton. The staples of Egyptian cotton can range from 1 1/2 inches to 2 1/4 inches. When compared to say, Pakistani Cotton, an observer can see that Egyptian fibres are twice in length. This allows for the raw cotton to be spun into very fine yarns, while at the same time maintaining a greater strength, softness and durability as their foreign counterparts.Belledorm’s Egyptian Cotton ranges also go through the following textile manufacturing processes:

Combing – whereby the raw cotton is finely combed before spinning to remove impurities and inferior short fibres allowing for greater sheen and softness

Sanforizing -which is a method of stretching, shrinking and fixing the woven cloth in both length and width, before cutting and producing to reduce the shrinkage which would otherwise occur after washing.

Mercerised – Mercerisation is the treatment of the cotton which alters the chemical structure of the cotton fibre. The structure of the fibre inter-converts from alpha-cellulose to a thermodynamically more favourable beta-cellulose polymorph. Mercerising results in the swelling of the cell wall of the cotton fibre. This causes increases in the surface area and reflectance, and gives the fibre more lustreous apperance, strength and dye absorption.

Singeing – the woven fabric is passed over brushes to raise the fibres, then passed over a plate heated by gas flames which delicately burns off the surface fibres leaving a smooth, uniform cloth surface.

Pilling Treatment – A chemical agent is used to treat the woven Egyptian Cloth to prevent pilling (or bobbling) during use. Pilling is where loose fibres come away from the cloth fabric and gather in little balls on the surface, caused usually by abrasion, contact with synthetic fibres or chemicals found in washing detergents.

Due to its reputation as a finer quality cotton product, Egyptian Cotton could demand higher prices than non-Egyptian Cotton. This led to some unscrupulous suppliers to begin retailing bedding and cotton based products as ‘Egyptian’ when it fact it had never been grown or manufactured on Egyptian soil. To counteract this trend, in 2001 Egyptian Cotton was registered as a trademark with an official and certified Kite Mark (see below) to distinguish any product which was genuinely made from Egyptian Cotton. This has not only helped consumers make correctly informed decisions when buying cotton products but has also helped Egypt in protecting its heritage and one of its highest export products.

All of Belledorm’s Egyptian Cotton ranges are made from certified Egyptian Cotton. All packaging have the official Egyptian Kite mark as described earlier. Our reputation relies heavily upon the level of superior quality in Egyptian Cotton linens which we import, thus we have very close connections with our Egypt based suppliers, visit them regularly and offer our support in continuous development of their factories and processes.